Hotel with Restaurant in Udupi - Family Restaurant near Krishna Temple, Bus Stand

Dine @ Samanvay Udupi

When it comes to hospitality, Samanvay stands out with its choice of food. We have the best of the 2 vegetarian restaurant in town and a refreshing organic coffee shop to serve your taste buds.

MTR 1924

As one of the pioneering food retail brands with a long history of catering to connoisseurs of traditional South Indian cuisine, MTR is more than a gourmet experience. It is a veritable institution that has stood the test of time and taste.

Today, MTR's reputation for quality, taste and purity has traveled far and wide across India and the world. MTR is the first name of recall among the Indian diaspora for 'pure vegetarian South Indian cuisine'


Clean lines define this contemporary vegetarian restaurant serving Indian and Chinese dishes. Since 1985, Konark veg has been known for quality vegetarian food. Their traits being tasty, clean, pure and affordable food.

Konark takes pride in using spices and masala mixes completely prepared in-house, instead of using readymade brands. These are prepared in the traditional way to ensure quality and taste. Konark pays a lot of attention to the cooking processes and is very careful about keeping the facilities clean. The hygienic processes and attention to details play an important role in delivering fresh, tasty and healthy food at your table.

Healthy Coffee shop

Take your taste buds on an exceptional culinary voyage at our coffee shop. Discover a host of lip smacking dishes exclusively tailored for foodies.

Here at Samanvay Udupi, our goal is provide you, our valued patron, with a delicious dining experience comprised of healthy, natural, sustainable, and fresh ingredients. We maintain the nutritional value of our dishes by applying slow cooking methods.

We strive to go above and beyond your typical restaurant by serving you the highest quality products. To complement your meal, 16 raw fruit and vegetable juices are offered as your beverage. Whatever you want to eat, is freshly served - all aimed towards healthy living.

It is indulgent food without the guilt.